Our main products are state of the art scientific instruments.  Most of these instruments are designed to measure gases or aerosol particles in real time and with great sensitivity.  We also produce a variety of technical software products.


Aerosol Mass Spectrometers

Aerodyne produces a wide variety of mass spectrometric instruments to study or monitor particulate matter.  These instruments are capable of revealing both chemical composition and particle size.  These include research instruments with extremely high mass resolution as well as more affordable monitoring instruments.



Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometers

Aerodyne sells two types of CIMS instruments.  The first is the gas phase version which detects molecular species with extraordinary sensitivity. The second is the MOVI-CI-TOFMS which monitors the chemical composition of particulate matter.

Laser Trace Gas Monitors

We produce a variety of trace gas monitors that detect gas phase molecules using Tunable Infrared Laser Differential Absorption Spectroscopy (TILDAS) with quantum cascade (QC) lasers.  These monitors have fast time response (up to 10 Hz) and extremely high sensitivity.  Applications include greenhouse gas monitoring, pollution monitoring and isotopic monitoring.

CAPS Particle and NO2 Monitors

Aerodyne offers three instruments based on the principle of Cavity Attenuation Phase Shift (CAPS) detection.  These instruments provide state-of-the-art sensitivity at low cost.are low cost.   The CAPS NO2 monitor provides sub-100 parts-per-trillion precision in 10 s.  The CAPS PMex and PMSSA monitors measure particle optical properties.

Technical Software

Learn about our commercial technical software offerings.

Aerodyne Research has created powerful software tools for analyzing large complex data sets using the High Dimensional Model Representation.

We also develop and maintain codes for predicting EO/IR signatures from the ultraviolet to the infrared.

DPAS Aerosol Absorption Monitor

The DPAS aerosol absorption monitors are based on our patented differential photoacoustic absorption measurement technique. At present, Aerodyne produces two types of the DPAS instruments: the single-wavelength monitor; and the RGB monitor at 671nm (red), 532nm (532nm), and 473nm (473nm), which obtains absorption results at three wavelengths simultaneously. These instruments achieve detection sensitivity up to 0.1 Mm-1 in 100s data integration.

Potential Aerosol Mass (PAM) Oxidation Flow Reactor

A highly oxidizing environment that simulates oxidation processes on timescales of days in the atmospherein minutes in real time.


The new VOCUS-PTR instrument delivers ultra-low limits of detection with the highest available PTR-MS mass resolving power in a field-proven API-TOF platform.



Fast-GC for TOFMS

The Fast-GC system is lightweight, compact and customizable with standard capillary colums up to 60-m in length. The column oven enclosure size is only 6.7" x 6.7" x 4.6" (168 x 168 x 116 mm) with aluminum construction. Compatible with Electron Impact, VOCUS PTR and Chemical ionization sources. The sample interface uses two 2-position chromatography valves to direct sample flow to or bypassing sample loop, and to select direct sample flow or GC eluent to TOFMS detector. The user is able to select the sample loop size and material as needed to match the specific application.


Thermal Desorption Aerosol Gas Chromatography (TAG)

TAG  system  automates  online  sampling  and  analysis  of  condensed  phase  (e.g. aerosols) organic materials  and  eliminates  the laborious sample  collection,  transportation,  storage,  and  preparation process associated with filter based measurements.