Dr. Kurt Annen

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Dr. Kurt Annen, Center for Energy and Propulsion

Dr. Annen's research is in the areas of energy conversion, combustion, heat transfer, and flowfield diagnostics.  His recent research focus is the development of a miniature internal combustion engine (MICE) generator for portable electric power generation, capable of operation on JP-8, and diesel, as well as propane.  He designed and performed stress analysis for the condenser and turbine disc components for a new technology vaporization-cooled turbine blade in a DARPA-funded test and demonstration program.  Other research areas have included the development of improved IR countermeasures by modifying and improving the combustion characteristics of IR decoys, and the development and application of combustion diagnostics including a chemiluminescent tracer for visualization of high NOx formation regions in combustion devices, a field-portable FTIR spectrometer system, a LIBS instrument for metal alloy analysis, a high precision O2 LIF temperature diagnostic for turbomachinery, a laser Rayleigh scattering diagnostic for temperature and density, and a laser backscatter particle diagnostic that was use in one of the first in-situ measurements of particle size distribution and concentration in an industrial boiler.