Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory


Dr. Scott C. Herndon
Ph. D., Physical Chemistry, University of Colorado

Dr. Herndon is a physical chemist and principal scientist in the Center for Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry at Aerodyne Research, Inc. Since joining Aerodyne in 1999, his research interests have focused on the development and utilization of laboratory and field trace gas and fine particle instrumentation, together with modeling studies, to characterize and elucidate atmospheric processes relevant to stratospheric ozone depletion, urban and regional air quality and climate change.  He has led over 20 field measurement campaigns to characterize and quantify air pollutant emission sources and map ambient pollution concentrations using suites of advanced, real-time spectroscopic and mass spectrometric instrumentation deployed on the Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory and on a range of research aircraft and ships. Most recently Dr. Herndon has developed an improved dual tracer release ratio method to quantify methane emissions from oil and gas production and transmission facilities and other sources in the US and Mexico. He is the author or co-author of over 50 archival publications addressing atmospheric science and physical chemistry issues.

Dr. Joseph R. Roscioli
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Yale University

Dr. Roscioli is involved in field studies of atmospheric trace gas concentrations for the Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory, as well as the design and development of trace gas measurement instrumentation.  Previous work has included quantum state-resolved direct absorption spectroscopy and velocity-map imaging of atmospherically-relevant molecules.  Dr. Roscioli has also been involved in the characterization of environmentally-relevant ions and ionic clusters using infrared rare gas predissociation spectroscopy and multi-laser techniques.

Tara I. Yacovitch
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley

Dr. Yacovitch is a principal scientist at the Center for Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry, Aerodyne Research, Inc. Her research interests include development and use of trace gas instrumentation, with a focus on ethane and the isotopes of methane. She is also heavily involved in field projects aimed at detecting and quantifying methane emissions from oil and gas source; measuring emission factors from aircraft exhaust; and tracing the photochemistry of ozone formation in urban areas.